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Effect Microtech won the most innovative product award!
Product users and ConExPest 2017 visitors have choosen Effect Microtech as the most innovative product in Poland. More news

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Unichem d.o.o. is a European manufacturer of pest control products. It produces all forms of rodenticides and several forms of insecticides for markets across the globe. Besides professional pest control products Unichem also has a wide range of products for consumer markets not limited to pest control but also encompassing plant protection, garden
solutions and others.With experiences from more than 20 different countries Unichem can offer advice as well as specialization of products according to customer�s needs.


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2nd fact: 0.032oz (1g) of bait is lethal for an average domestic mouse
Less than 0.032 oz (1 g) of bait containing Bromadiolone such as Ratimor contains a lethal dosage for an average domestic mouse (0.643 oz /20 g mus musculus) - that is approximately 25 - 30 % of its daily food consumption. 0.013 oz (5,6 g) of bait contains a lethal dosage for an average rat (0.0670 oz /250 g rattus norwegicus) - that is approximately 30 % of its daily food consumption.more


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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.